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Why is this fundraiser important?

IT technologies play a significant role in the Russian-Ukrainian war, and cyberspace is another front of confrontation between the Defense Forces and the occupying army.

Thanks to the military cybers of the Armed Forces, our army receives crucial intelligence data, and the enemy loses communication, supplies, and as a result, lives.

Together with the Portmone payment service, we are launching a large-scale fundraising campaign to purchase equipment for the Ukrainian Armed Forces military unit that is fighting the invaders in cyberspace. Our goal is to raise 50,000,000 hryvnias.

Together with you, the Come Back Alive Foundation will strengthen the Ukrainian army's technical capabilities for larger and more dangerous for the enemy operations that will directly affect the course of the war.

Support the project - cyberspace is much more dangerous for the occupiers than they think!


According to a decree of the President of Ukraine on the creation of cyber troops, their formation began with a military unit subordinated to one of the departments of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The fundraiser is aimed at helping its servicemen.

The Armed Forces have been actively countering Russian aggression in cyberspace since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, and in the future, the formation of cyber troops will be formalized in a separate law that is currently under development.

The Come Back Alive Foundation was approached by the commander of the Armed Forces unit conducting military operations in cyberspace with a request for assistance in building infrastructure and increasing cyber warfare capabilities, namely the purchase of system, network and other equipment for the arrangement of a data center. The funds raised will be spent on the purchase of these technical means.

Given the specifics of the unit's activities, disclosure of other details puts the fulfillment of tasks at risk with the possible disclosure of tools, tactics, techniques and procedures.

Modern warfare takes place not only on land, in the air and on the water, but also in cyberspace, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine perform combat missions. These tasks are related to obtaining intelligence information that is used by the Armed Forces in planning actions on the real battlefield.

It also involves finding enemy vulnerabilities and critical elements of their infrastructure, including cyber infrastructure, as well as preparing and conducting strategic offensive cyber operations and supporting operational-level cyber actions.

Currently, the military unit of the Armed Forces, for whose needs the fundraiser is taking place, is already successfully operating in hostile cyberspace.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Armed Forces cyber experts together with IT volunteers have been making the most of both personal and partner resources and presented the results of their work to the specialists of the Come Back Alive Foundation.

Now the military unit is ready for development and scaling. The material and technical means to be purchased will significantly expand the list and complexity of tasks, and thus increase the damage to the enemy.

The intensification of the work of the Armed Forces unit, which will take place after the acquisition of the necessary hardware and technical equipment, is called "cyber offensive."